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September 2019 – The ninth installment of Chaffetz Lindsey’s Commercial Litigation Report is now available.

The report contains recent case summaries to keep you informed on new developments, and reminded of old ones.

The cases in this issue include:

With Malice Toward One …

Second Circuit: Sarah Palin Sufficiently Alleged Actual Malice
to Avoid Dismissal in Libel Action Against the New York Times.

Freedom’s Just Another Word for Something Left to Waive …

New York Court of Appeals: Freedom of Contract Allows
for Waiver of Right to Seek Declaratory Judgment.

Gray Area in the Black Market …

New York Court of Appeals: Divided Court finds no personal
jurisdiction over gun dealer based on out-of-state sales
of handguns that later cause injury in New York.


Illustrations by Hank Blaustein
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