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Anibal Sabater Appointed Member of International Arbitration Center of Madrid’s Comisión de Recusación

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March 2023— Chaffetz Lindsey’s Anibal Sabater has been appointed a member of the International Arbitration Center of Madrid (CIAM) Challenge Commission (Comisión de Recusación). The group’s purpose is to dispose of the challenges to arbitrators appointed under CIAM’s Rules whom a party considers lack independence or impartiality.

The group comprises Anibal Sabater, Fernando Mantilla-Serrano, Mercedes Fernández, Luca G. Radicati and Claudia Benavides.

About the International Arbitration Center of Madrid

The International Arbitration Center of Madrid (CIAM) offers disputes resolution services in four languages (Spanish, Portuguese, English and French) and was founded by the Madrid Court of Arbitration (CAM), the Spanish Court of Arbitration (CEA) and Spain’s Civil and Mercantile Court of Arbitration (CIMA).

In 2021, CIAM received the Global Arbitration Award for jurisdiction that has made great progress in light of its role in unifying the country’s institutional landscape.

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