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ARIA Publishes Caline Mouawad’s Keynote Address from 2021 Columbia Arbitration Day

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January 2022 – Caline Mouawad, Partner at Chaffetz Lindsey, was invited to deliver the Keynote Address at the Columbia Arbitration Day Conference held virtually on March 13th, 2021. Her speech was recently published by Columbia’s American Review of International Arbitration (ARIA).

Caline invited attendees to join her on a journey through modern international arbitration times and to uncover together the story of “Arbitration in a Changing World,” the theme of the conference. Although there are many historical moments from which to choose, this journey begins at the end of World War I, at a time when the world was hungry for peace. Anchored in the belief that economies that prosper together do not go to war against one another, arbitration offered an avenue for resolving international disputes without risking war.  Its development revolves around a play in three acts:  Act I is a story of innovation and foundation, laying the groundwork for the arbitration legal framework; Act II tells a story of evolution and reaction, with arbitration coming into its own and proving it can adapt; and Act III is a tale of inflection and hopefully redemption as the international arbitration community wrestles with a legitimacy crisis. Nevertheless, Caline looks forward with optimism, trusting that international arbitration will once again be viewed and used as the instrument of peace that it was conceived to be.

Click here to uncover the full publication of “Arbitration in a Changing World.”

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