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Peter Chaffetz and Andy Frischknecht Present at AIDA Swiss Chapter Event in Zurich

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April 2023—Chaffetz Lindsey’s Peter Chaffetz and Andy Frischknecht recently delivered a talk on “U.S. Mass Tort Litigation—Implications for Insurers” at an AIDA Swiss Chapter event in Zurich, Switzerland.  Peter and Andy surveyed key features of U.S. litigation that have driven explosive growth in the size of jury awards in mass tort litigation and examined how those dynamics played out in recent major cases.

Dr. Andrea Stäubli, Counsel at Prager Dreifuss, Member of the AIDA Swiss Chapter Committee and recently a visiting attorney with Chaffetz Lindsey in New York moderated the event which took place at the world headquarters of Zurich Insurance Company.

About AIDA

AIDA is an international association aimed to promote and develop at an international level, collaboration between its members with a view to increasing the study and knowledge of international and national insurance law and related matters.

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