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Yasmine Lahlou and Andy Frischknecht Join Kluwer Arbitration Panel “The After Life of Arbitral Proceedings: Finding Finality”

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June 2024—Chaffetz Lindsey’s Yasmine Lahlou and Andy Frischknecht will join the Wolters Kluwer Arbitration panel session “The After Life of Arbitral Proceedings: Finding Finality” on Tuesday, June 11th. The virtual panel, taking place at 11AM EST, will explore finality and enforceability from various perspectives.

Expert speakers will touch upon the lis pendens doctrine, and how it may come into play to strike a balance between the authority of courts and arbitral tribunals while arbitration proceedings are ongoing. They will also consider the afterlife of an arbitral award once it is issued, including the various grounds of the New York Convention that can be invoked to permit a party to resist its enforcement when it is presented to a national court.

Additional panelists include Gabriel Fusea (Freshfields) and Alicja Zielińska-Eisen (Queritius). The discussion will be moderated by Kiran Nasir Gore (Kiran N Gore). All speakers are (co-) authors of Practical Insights available on Kluwer Arbitration.

Learn more and register for the event here.

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