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Yasmine Lahlou Speaks at Columbia Arbitration Day

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March 2020 – On Friday, March 6th, Yasmine Lahlou is speaking at the eleventh edition of Columbia Arbitration Day at Columbia Law School. She will participate in a panel discussion titled, “From Promise to Practice: How to Raise the Bar for Diversity in International Arbitration.” The panel will discuss why recognizing diversity is a strategic imperative in the international arbitration and business community and provide examples of how to implement diversity in international arbitration. Chaffetz Lindsey has been involved with Columbia Arbitration Day for several years, and is a proud sponsor of this year’s conference.

Columbia Arbitration Day (CAD), the Columbia International Arbitration Association’s largest annual event, is one of the premier international arbitration and CLE-accredited conferences in the country, bringing together scholars, practitioners, and students from all over the world for an annual discussion on the challenges that drive the international arbitration community. This year’s conference theme is “Breaking New Ground in International Arbitration.”

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