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Diversity & Inclusion

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We are committed to creating an inclusive environment at Chaffetz Lindsey that embraces and encourages diversity across all parameters.

Although we are a small firm with a single office in New York, we have created a truly international boutique with a multi-ethnic, cross-cultural and multi-lingual team.  This diversity of perspective and experience enhances our practice and the services that we offer to our clients.  Our ongoing growth and success will enable us to further increase the diversity of our team.

In addition to doing our part in terms of our own hiring and promotion, we are also committed to tackling inequality of opportunity – a main barrier to full diversity in the legal profession – at its roots. This means growing the number of diverse candidates who succeed in grade school, college, and ultimately law school. To further that goal we have invested both substantial financial support and the time and energy of our lawyers to help community service organizations that improve living conditions and educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged communities.  We currently support and serve on the boards of two such organizations:

New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (“NYLPI”).  A core part of NYLPI’s mission is to ensure equal opportunity and equal justice for all New York’s communities. By leveling the playing field for underserved communities, NYLPI helps lay a foundation for children in underserved communities to rise up and take advantage of the kind of educational opportunities necessary for filling the pipeline.

The Council for Economic Education (“CEE).  CEE is the leading non-profit organization in the United States that focuses on personal finance and economic education for students K-12. By providing kids with the knowledge and vocabulary of money, CEE gives them the essential tools to create financial stability and opportunity for themselves, their families and their communities.  Nearly 2/3 of the teachers CEE reaches in person are in low and moderate income schools.


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