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Erin Valentine Debates at Legal Week’s Commercial Litigation & Arbitration Forum 2019

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November 2019 – Erin Valentine is participating in an Oxford-Style debate at the Legal Week Commercial Litigation & Arbitration Forum 2019 in London. The discussion, titled “The Current Systems in the US and UK Kill Access to Justice,” will focus on problems with the current systems in each of their jurisdictions and the weaknesses that can be exploited by unmeritorious litigants. In particular, the panelists will discuss crippling cost orders in the UK versus extremely limited cost sanctions in the US, plus the effectiveness of the Mid Atlantic Solution and abolition of cost recovery.

The Forum is hosted by ALM, publisher of Legal Week and The American Lawyer to provide a platform for the most senior dispute resolution professionals in the UK, US, and Russia to network and engage through open debate, panels, expert speakers, interactive breakout sessions, and an evening drinks reception.

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