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Gretta Walters Featured on Jus Mundi: Global Arbitration Intelligence Panel

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April 2024—Gretta Walters joined the panel “Jus Mundi: Global Arbitration Intelligence at Your Fingertips” on April 9th as part of a webinar series hosted by the American Arbitration Association and the International Centre for Dispute Resolution. Gretta joined Annie Lespérance, FCIArb (Head of Americas, Jus Mundi) and Luis M. Martinez, Esq. (Vice President, International Centre for Dispute Resolution) for the discussion.

The webinar series “Arbitration Tech Toolbox: Mastering Digital Tools for Enhancing Your Arbitration Practice” highlights technology tools selected to help in arbitration practice. The webinar features Jus Mundi, the leading search engine in international and arbitration powered by Artificial Intelligence. The webinar highlighted:

  • Jus AI Assistant: The first international legal assistant based on generative AI for time efficient and cost-effective legal research, legal translation, summarization and document review.
  • Jus Mundi Database for Legal Research: The most comprehensive database of non-confidential awards and case documents in commercial and investor-state arbitration, thanks to partnerships concluded with over 45 arbitration institutions and associations, including the AAA-ICDR.
  • Jus Connect Database for Business Development: Data-backed arbitrator profiles allowing users to find suitable and conflict-free arbitrator candidates for their disputes.

Learn more about the event here.

Chaffetz Lindsey is a proud early adapter of the Jus AI Assistant, the first international legal assistant based on generative AI.

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