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Gretta Walters to Teach AAA-ICDR CLE Course

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January 2024—Chaffetz Lindsey’s Gretta Walters will co-teach two courses as part of AAA-ICDR’s CLE webinar “International Commercial Law and Practice: A Deep Dive for American Litigators and In-House Counsel” January 18th-January 19th.

During the event, attendees will become knowledgeable about the law and practice of international commercial arbitration seated in the United States. Topics will include applicable law, arbitrability, stays and orders compelling arbitration, the administration of an international case with a focus on ICDR® practices, cross-examination technique, ethical obligations of counsel and arbitrators, form and necessary content of awards, confirmation and set aside of awards, and enforcement of awards.

The first course taking place on January 18th will cover “Cross-Examination: International vs. Domestic U.S. Practice” from 1:30pm-2:30pm. The next day Gretta will co-teach a course on “Set Aside, Recognition and Enforcement” from 12:20pm-1:30pm.

For more information and to register, click here.

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