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James Hosking and Silvia Marroquin Speak at 2024 ARIAS Spring Conference

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May 2024— Chaffetz Lindsey’s James Hosking and Silvia Marroquin are set to speak at the upcoming 2024 ARIAS Spring Conference taking place May 1st-May 3rd in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Chaffetz Lindsey’s Cia Moss is co-chair of the event.

Silvia Marroquin will join the panel “How Should Arbitrators Address Potential For Settlement With the Parties? Opportunities, Limits and Ethics” on Thursday, May 3rd.  The panel will address and interact with participants on what tools may or may not be appropriate toward fostering settlement and the appropriate times for such actions, including scheduling a “mediation window”, bifurcation of liability and quantum, inquiring whether the parties have discussed settlement, presenting panel questions meant to highlight the risks on both sides, “ArbMed” or “Med-Arb”, other party-agreed arbitrator participation in settlement efforts, ethical limits and approaches of the various arbitral institutions and rules. Additional panelists include David W. Ichel, (X-Dispute LLP), Elaine A. Caprio (Caprio Consulting) and Carlos A. Romero (Post & Romero LLP).

James Hosking will join Carolyn Thomas (AON) for “Hot Spots and Hot Policies: Political Risk Insurance in Today’s Volatile World” on Thursday, May 3rd. The panel will discuss the types of political risk insurance (PRI) available and interaction with other insurance lines, coverage and exclusion issues, and the application to “gray” areas like economic blockades. Speakers will also consider how the existence of PRI coverage may interact with claims brought under investment treaties for governmental expropriation and unlawful interference, as well as with other forms of risk mitigation. In addition, the panel will assess how PRI coverage may affect country risk for purposes of financial reporting and damages calculations.

Learn more about the event here.

Chaffetz Lindsey is a proud sponsor of the event.

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