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Matilde Flores and Silvia Marroquin to Speak at 3rd NYU Sciences Po Intergenerational Arbitration Symposium

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March 2023— Chaffetz Lindsey’s Matilde Flores and Silvia Marroquin will speak at the 3rd NYU Sciences Po Intergenerational Arbitration Symposium: “Hot Topics in International Arbitration” on Friday, March 24th. The event offers an opportunity to confront the visions of young professionals at the beginning of their careers with those of experienced practitioners on pressing issues in arbitration.

Silvia will moderate the 10:15am discussion “Open Questions in International Arbitration” between Jonathan Schaffer-Goddard (Holwell Shuster & Goldberg) and Paola Patarroyo (New York University), with Brian King (Independent Arbitrator) as debater.

Matilde will speak on how to prove corruption in international arbitration during the 11:20am session “Corruption Allegations in International Arbitration” opposite of Ezequiel Vetulli (Freshfields), with Daniel Schimmel (Foley Hoag) as debater.

The event will take place at NYU Law School (Lester Pollack Colloquim Room, 245 Sullivan St. New York).

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