Navigating A Crisis: COVID-19

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In a crisis, you need clear and decisive legal advice, from lawyers who understand your business. As always, we stand ready to provide that.

Our partners have helped clients with disputes arising over decades of crises. Examples include major financial crises from the Savings & Loans crash of the 1980s through the Subprime Crisis of the late 2000s, as well as regional currency and political crises (Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Asia, Venezuela), industry-specific bubbles (, telecom), the World Trade Center attack, major insolvency and/or fraud or corruption events (APP, HIH, Enron, Madoff, Unicover, Lavo Jato), and one-off natural or environmental disasters (Hurricane Harvey, Deepwater Horizon). We are currently advising a number of our clients on their emergent COVID-19 related issues.

Our Crisis-Related Services

International Arbitration, International Litigation, General Commercial Disputes: Troubled projects or supply chains, breached reps and warranties, fraud, MAE/MAC clauses, force majeure, change of laws or regulations, termination and default, frustration and impossibility, antitrust, data protection/cybersecurity, and collateral and other valuation issues.

Insurance and ReinsuranceBusiness interruption, liability insurance for exposure, reps and warranties insurance, surety, trade credit and political risk insurance, specialty coverages, event cancellation, MGA/MGU disputes, arbitration vs. litigation.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency: Protecting and enforcing your rights against an insolvent counterparty, arbitration and other ADR during bankruptcy, clawback actions.

A note on the international nature of our practice: The worldwide impact of the COVID-19 crisis has no modern precedent. It is highly likely that cross-border disputes will follow in the wake of this pervasive disruption of global business arrangements. No top-tier U.S. disputes boutique can match our international practice, profile, and network. We act as lead advocates or co-counsel in international arbitrations all over the world in sectors such as Energy, Construction, Insurance, Investment Disputes, and many others. We also offer our top-tier U.S. litigation and arbitration capabilities to foreign clients who have disputes in the U.S., or who need to commence U.S. litigation to obtain discovery in aid of foreign proceedings or to enforce judgments and awards obtained outside the U.S.

COVID-19 News and Information

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