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Chaffetz Lindsey Team to Attend 2022 IBA Annual Conference in Miami

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Chaffetz Lindsey is a premier litigation and international arbitration boutique.  We help clients find business-minded solutions, where possible, or win in arbitration or court, if necessary.  We provide the service, expertise and international experience clients expect from the largest firms, but from a smaller, client-friendly, New York City platform.

Our IBA Team

Peter Chaffetz, James Hosking, Alan Lipkin, Caline Mouawad, Andy Frischknecht, Erin Valentine and  look forward to seeing you at the IBA Annual Conference in Miami.

James Hosking to Speak on Ethical Considerations in Arbitration

Join James Hosking at his panel session titled “Ethical considerations behind arbitration rules: the interplay between professional ethics and international arbitration” on Monday, October 31st  (2:30pm-3:45pm) in Room 233, Level 2.

By their nature, international arbitrations involve lawyers, clients and others from multiple jurisdictions where ethical and the way in which lawyers practice can vary widely. This panel considers the impact of these differences from the perspective of both counsel and arbitrators in seeking to acknowledge how these differences can be highlighted to more efficiently resolve disputes.

James will be speaking along with Bernard Hanotiau (Hanotiau & van den Berg), Swee Yen Koh SC (WongPartnership), Adrian Magallanes Perez (Von Wobeser & Sierra), and Professor Khawar Qureshi KC (London, England). The session chair is Gabor Damjanovic (Forgo Damjanovic & Partners).

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